Animal Adventure

Harpursville, NY
September 2017

Animal Adventure Park is a petting zoo in Middle-of-Nowhere, New York that has a lot of animals that you would not expect to be living in the upstate area. Most animals didn't seem to mind that they're so far away from their natural habitat - with the exception of the kangaroo, who seemed ready to buy a timeshare and hop down to Florida for the winter. Even though there isn't much in Harpursville outside of the bleets and baahs of the alpacas, I happen to know the couple who lives across the street from Animal Adventure, and they have a number of stories about the stray bails of hay that make their way into their property.

My friends and I went to Animal Adventure with one goal: we wanted to see April the Giraffe. April gave birth to a calf earlier this year, and the whole event was livestreamed. April and Ollie, the calf, were happy to meet us as long as we fed them carrots. The giraffes had very long tongues, and April would wrap hers around the carrot a couple times before yanking it out of our hands. I suspect that she developed this method to ensure no carrot is lost; a carrot guaranteed even with the most incompetent of hands.

My favorite animal in the park was the crowned crane, because it had these feathers that looked as sharp as metal. I liked its poofy pointy crown too. I think the turkeys were a bit jealous, to be honest.