Botanical Garden

Bronx, NY
August 2017

It was a warm day at the New York Botanical Garden. The bright sunlight fell upon the fully bloomed late-summer flowers and the colorful glass sculptures of the temporary Chihuly installation.

I am a big fan of Chihuly pieces. Their designs bring out the elegance of the glass medium. However, these sculptures work especially well in a garden setting. The bright colors of the flowers match those of the glass, and the sculptures' complex designs start to look like nature's patterns after a while.

Outside the observatory there were various koi ponds with lillies of many colors. The park installed squares of blue and lilac glass at the water's surface. These panels complemented the lillies' natural tones and worked as neat backdrops for some photographs.

I appreciated the park's unobtrusive combination of art and nature. Usually art installations in parks compete with their surroundings, but the Chihully sculptures seemed like a part of the landscape.