Marietas Islands

Nayarit, Mexico
January 2018

The Marietas Islands are a national park about an hour boat-ride away from Puerto Vallarta's beach. These uninhabited islands are surrounded by a coral reef teeming with all kinds of funny looking fish. We went snorkeling along these shallow open waters, and although I didn't get any underwater pictures, the islands have very interesting rock formations worth photographing.

The most famous part of the Marietas Islands is a cove that contains a hidden beach within its crater. Since it is forbidden to set foot on the islands, the only access point is via boat during low tide.

A few bird species reside in the Marietas Islands. My favorite was the blue-footed booby (from the spanish bobo, since they are so clumsy when they walk on land). Their bright-colored feet matched the color of the sky.

We got to see some humpback whales on our way to the islands. They were very friendly! The whales swam towards the boats, turned on their sides, raised their huge flippers and waved. It was an amazing experience!