Nuevo Vallarta

Nayarit, Mexico
January 2018

Nuevo Vallarta is a vast beachside resort in the Bahía de Banderas, facing the Pacific Ocean. The place is overwhelmingly large, filled with numerous pools, lakes, and restaurants. The locale brims with tropical plants, which hide the buildings from each other. Travelling between locations carries with it a sense of adventure.


There were many highlights to the resort, yet my favorite location was a hidden swimming pool near the beach. This pool was special because there was a small island in the center where a mess of iguanas sunbathed. They kept to themselves, as anyone does during vacation time. However, they were not impressed by our game of pool volleyball.


I spent a day on the shore and watched the waves roll onto the beach. The saltwater ebbed slowly, then it drew back faster and faster until it was pulled up by an oncoming wave. From there chaos ensued. The oncoming wave was trying its best to set a new record of how far it can reach the sand, but its predecessor, who had already tried and failed, was disilusioned and tried to convince him it wasn't worth the effort. With so much to communicate and so little time, the water couldn't make up its mind, collapsed within itself, and the final efforts of the once-ambicious wave arrived defeated on the sand.

As the water receded to try again, a tiny golden crab gave away its secret underground hiding spot with the little breathing holes that vacuumed down the tiny sand pellets from the freshly-wet shore.

One time, the crab surfaced, clearly fed up and ready to speak its mind. The crab took a moment, adjusted to the bright sunlight, then turned towards the sea and raised its claws to the sky. It looked like a waiter during peak hour holding a tray of plates in each hand to stay on top of the flood of orders from impatient diners. The crab paced a few steps to the left and then paced again to the right, never breaking eye contact with the water. Satisfied with how it intimidated the sea, the crab burrowed back into the sand.

This crabby crab was probably caught by the scraggly bird that was in the mood for crustaceans during the sunset. The bird walked back and forth along the shore, poked at the sand a few times, and then freaked out when the water returned and wet its tail feathers. It scurried towards land then immediately returned to the same spot. The bird was too overwhelmed with exhiliration from all this risk-taking to notice the ridiculous sunset happening behind it. I, however, saw the whole thing.